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Tara & John Newman

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John and Tara Newman have a busy life! Both have full time day jobs as well as raising two children.  John is an Age Group Triathlete and Tara is a runner and his “Sherpa Wife”.  Together they blog at Family Sport Life (FSL), a healthy lifestyle blog providing readers with everyday inspiration.  They are healthy living advocates always researching and tweaking their lifestyle for optimal health.  John and Tara are passionate about training methods, nutrition, and organization/personal productivity.

John is a fat to fit story.  He took control of his lifestyle choices and health over 10 years ago resulting in a 70 lb weight loss.    By making continuous improvements to their nutrition such as eliminating processed food, removing sugar, and removing grains John had his most successful triathlon season to date.  
As a family, they are motivated by personal growth, overcoming challenges, and being the best version of themselves.  However, their biggest motivator is raising healthy, well rounded, and resilient children.  Communication and education play a large part in achieving this goal.
John and Tara believe the lessons they learn from their training make valuable teaching points for their children.  You have to walk the walk and talk the talk.  Tara says “Children are smart.  They see through “do as I say and not as I do” rhetoric that we hear people use.”  We are their most immediate example of health.
The Newman’s enjoy spending time together as a family playing games, going on hikes, family training sessions, skiing, and exploring new places.
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