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Tis the Season of Fall Flavors.

Featured for Tis the Season of Fall Flavors.

Note: Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Soy Free, Healthy Choices  As the weather changes so does our taste buds. I love the fall and especially, love the flavors of all the “in season” fruits and veggies. The cooler it gets the more I find myself leaning towards Amrita Bars… Read more

Pinecone or Pineapple?

Featured for Pinecone or Pineapple?

True or false… Pineapple is originally from Brazil in South America, not Hawaii. Christopher Columbus and his crew were most likely the first people from Europe to taste pineapple. Pineapple used to be the word for pinecone, but changed in 1694: (1) Believe it or not, those are all true facts.… Read more

Sun-Tastic Sun Butter

Featured for Sun-Tastic Sun Butter

THIS IS: peanut free, nut free, DF, GF, vegan, allergy friendly! What is Sun Butter? Sun butter, also referred to as sunflower butter is a food paste made from the oil of a sunflower seed.  It is a spread, similar to peanut butter, but without the peanuts. This is great… Read more

Cocos Nucifera… aka Coconut!

Featured for Cocos Nucifera… aka Coconut!

This recipe is gf, df, nut-free (coconuts are not nuts), vegan, soy free! Coconuts are known on many islands as a primary part of their diets. Not only because they grow there, but for other reasons! People from around the world of diverse backgrounds value coconut as a food and… Read more

Interview with Dwayne Morein

Featured for Interview with Dwayne Morein

Last week, I spoke with Dwayne Morein, an ambassador from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We mainly spoke about his journey within triathlon and how he got to where he is today. This is the synopsis of our conversation:   When and how did you get started with triathlon? My wife and… Read more

How Plant Based nutrition fuels performance

Featured for How Plant Based nutrition fuels performance

I’ve been a vegan for many years – back to when a vegan lifestyle was only for earth-loving hippies.  Veganism has gained popularity over the past ten years or so. There is more awareness and education around the effects that factory farming has on our planet, as well as what’s… Read more

10 Tips to Making Winter Sports Enjoyable

Featured for 10 Tips to Making Winter Sports Enjoyable

Winter has definitely dug its claws into New York with a couple days last week in the single digits.  I find my tolerance for the stationary trainer to be limited to weekdays. On weekends I really feel the need explore.  Here are some tips that have helped me prepare for… Read more

What India taught me about food

Featured for What India taught me about food

You can be vegetarian and get enough protein. Travelling in India is vegetarian heaven.  Hinduism is a major religion in Rajasthan, and hinduism holds vegetarianism as an ideal for these three main reasons. Firstly, they practice the principle of nonviolence as applied to animals. Secondly, they intend to only offer… Read more

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